How to make sure your paint reaches senior years.

Painting a house! Sounds good when you first think about it, the new color, the smooth texture of the new paint. The aroma that the new paint bucket exudes. You start remembering the times when you were a kid and use to help your parents paint the house or the dog’s little shelter.

Figure 1. A while ago I used some painting best practices to remove 20 years worth of multiple oil paint layers, we undressed the house and dressed it with a new coat of fresh perfume.

You are excited, you start thinking about what color would look the best, what combinations of colors would balance out that part of your house you don’t like that much. You rush to your local tool store or paint shop and ask to visually taste their colors. Your eyes are watering with excitement.

You arrive home with your newly bought fresh paint, you see the sticker the bucket has on it, it reads: super paint, goodbye to odors and fungus, designed for extreme exterior use! You can’t contain your excitement, you feel like a new beginning is being set for you.

Then after 4 weeks, you decide to paint your wall, you check the wall and see it has many imperfections, old peeled paint remainings cover it, water-based or even worse oil-based old paint is blocking your wall! Goddammit! It is sitting between your new dreamed perfectly smooth wall and you.

Figure me. Here thinking: let dress this old rusty gentleman.

You can’t wait to change that look, you decide to open your new bucket of paint, you rush to dive your brush in the bucket, no time for preparation! Preparation is for losers you say, just look how I will make this wall look. And you begin, you see the wall is not complaining, the new paint is sticking beautifully.

You see dirt, you say let’s cover that dirt. You see peeled paint, you say let’s cover that monstrosity. And in a matter of minutes, the entire wall looks brand new!!

You are exhausted, painting a wall seemed fairly enjoyable but easy. But contrary to your initial beliefs about the difficulty of the endeavor you feel exhausted, your hand is hurting but you say to yourself: it was worth it, just look at that wall, beautiful!

After a short while you start noticing that your paint is coming off, the wall looks patched, patches of different tones are more visible now, peeling becomes an issue, the paint is breaking down in the bottom part of the wall.
You feel disappointed: all that hard work and I have to do it again?