I have an Electrical Engineering Degree, over 80 construction projects completed and +3 years working as an electrical contractor. Also, I have over 8 years of experience in web development. In addition, I have deployed and currently managing networks for businesses and developed ETL integrations for their ERP and CRM systems. I can help you design your next MEP project, provide takeoff quantities and professional electrical plans. Finally, I can develop any website you can come up with and provide Networking/IT/ETL services for your business.

My professional experience can be classified into 3 areas:

Software Development: Python, C#, Javascript, /Uipath RPA Developer

I have experience developing AI python/Tensorflow solutions for the construction industry. Specifically, AutoCAD and Revit, quoting system automation. Skilled and Experienced working in python +3 years. I have experience with Flutter, Django, and Flask. Aswell experience with Google Cloud Platform and AWS services. Experience in web scraping with RPA/Uipath for rapid prototyping and implementation of the full solution with selenium.

Some of my skills are Apis, SQL Server, MySQL, HTML, javascript, CSS, CSV, XML, Scrapy, RestApis, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Amazon API Gateway, SSL Certificates, Docker, Twilio and SendGrid for messaging automation, DialogFlow, Beautiful Soup, Dynamics 365 solutions developer, SSIS, and ETL design, Windows and SharePoint Server domains deployment and administration.

MEP Design and Contracting

-Electrical engineer 3+ years of Work experience working as an electrical contractor, design, supervision, and execution.

-80+ projects completed that required: planning and takeoff, design, execution, and supervision using AutoCAD & BIM software (Revit) and Project Management Software (MS project) for Residential and Commercial Electrical Projects. 

-I will be happy to share my portfolio with you.

-Fluent in English, 10+ years experience working in an English environment.  

Windows Server/SQL Server / SharePoint Server /IT & Cloud

-Experience & actively manage network domains that include DHCP/DNS/SQL/SharePoint/Microsoft Dynamics365/Dynamics NAV/QuickBooks Servers on-premises systems. 

-Experience designing and implementing business networks, network security & backup plans, for Windows Domains.

-Experience & Actively Customizing and developing business workflows & Email automation for current Microsoft Dynamics 365/Dynamics NAV/QuickBooks/SharePoint on-premises networks.  

-Experience developing ETL Integration Solutions (SSIS) between MsDynamics/DynamicsNAV/Quickbooks/SharepointServer/MsProject/SQLServer

-Experience & actively manage Hybrid Virtualized Networks & Servers using GC Platform/AWS/Hyper-V for Local hospital ERP and business CRMs. 

-Developed several Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbots using Google Dialog flow/SendGrid.

-Developed RPA automated solutions for common business workflows using UiPath & MS Power Automate.

Web Development and Design

-8+ Years of experience designing, building, and maintaining websites based on WordPress/OpenCart/Joomla.

-Developed Responsive Web Stores, Art Gallery, and Business Websites from concept to deployment, to SEO and security optimization. 

-Developed Responsive Web Stores, Art Gallery, and Business Websites from concept to deployment, to SEO and security optimization.