Automatic Ai Product Recognition, market analyzer, and posting to marketplace platforms.

I used python, selenium, tensorflow and the uipath reframe work to build an automatic product recognition, market analysis and automatic posting program:

You just take a picture of the product, it automatically: recognizes brand, kind of product using feature matching, category of product, local and foreign pricing of the product by scrapping web data. It creates a description using AI and implements product naming best SEO practices, it assigns automatically the most relevant tags.

Furthermore. It automatically calculates the correct pricing according to market research and posts the curated result to Facebook marketplace, Etsy, EBay, and a woocommerce website.

It can process up to 1000 product images per day and it runs on open source libraries.

This ecommerce shop has reduced the overhead by 80%. As manual product data entry was eliminated.

Figure 1. The program takes in a product picture in this case a trash holder for cars.

Figure 2. The program uses multiple algorithms and feature matching to detect the correct product title, accurate up to 90%. In this case: “car holder cup seat” was detected.

Figure 3. The program detects the correct product category to which the product belongs. Depending on the destination ecommerce site.

Most of the times the categories in different ecommerce sites are not the same. For example, the category tree in eBay is different than the one in amazon or Facebook marketplace.

Even though there are more than 2500 categories in certain ecommerce sites, the program uses a custom algorithm to categorize the product fast and correctly.  

Figure 4. Now the program will conduct market research, the program investigates local and foreign pricing and outputs the results for reviewal and decision making about demand and opportunity.

Figure 5. VBA and python scripts are used to filter the results according to needs.

Figure 6. The program outputs the ready to post information, with description and auto generated tags. Aswell it translates all the original text if needed to match the language of the ecommerce destination. All the pricing is calculated automatically for the products given a custom algorithm.  

Figure 7. The program automatically posts the product into the desired marketplaces.