Custom Python GUI application for German Etsy Seller

I designed and created a desktop application using python to merge two Etsy output CSV files and produce up to 200 pdf invoices per second, given the client’s pdf formatting.

The GUI is very simple and the program can process an infinite number of products per order and have a custom invoice design. Any invoice template can be fed to the system.

What was once a time-consuming task now can be done in one second. Reducing labor and time for my client.

I created an installer and a portable version for this client in Germany. This means the client can run this without needing to have python installed.

Figure 1. Sample Columns for csv orders file. One order can include 1 or more products sold.

Figure 2. Sample Columns for Products sold csv file.

Figure 3. Sample Auto generated PDF invoices given the orders and products csv files.

Figure 4. Created GUI that’s easy to use. The program batch generates the invoices to a desired folder and it aswell outputs a csv/xlsx files required for tax processing. The deliverable is a portable version that loads without installation and an installer version.