Network Systems for Company

I designed and implemented the entire networking and systems for a construction contractor company:

The main systems consist of a database server(SQL), a web server, a domain controller server, a QuickBooks server, and a SharePoint server. D365 on-premises and SharePoint server share the SQL.

The system has the capacity for up to 100 subcontractors that can access the system while on the field having instant access to customer data. I as well designed an employee portal that connects to this main system using ETL SSIS, and a client’s portal that gives client’s status changes and progress on their work.

Finally, I installed QuickBooks server desktop and QuickBooks POS for up to 30 client POS stations and designed and implemented the integration service using SQL SSIS to connect QuickBooks to the main D365 SQL server.

This system was deployed on physical servers.

Furthermore, after completing the setup of the main system, I customized D365 with custom entities for expanded functionality.

Figure 1. Dynamics 365 v9.1 running on premises on a local server.

Figure 2. Sample Automated Email Sending for the Dynamics system. Emails are sent when a quote is ready for example.

Figure 3. Sample Customization for Electrical Design order for Dynamics 365 system. Also a custom Work Order Functionality was added to the system by creating a new solution and different entities.  

Figure 4. Multiple business processes and workflows were designed.

Figure 5. For Example: The LATTE method was implemented as a business process flow.